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Naomi & Jarom

The Couple

About Naomi

Naomi is a web designer and developer from Washington graduating from BYU-Idaho in April 2018. Her interests include graphic design, vector illustration, thrift shopping, and reading. She is currently working for Lynden Inc. as a web designer, and someday she wants to write and illustrate a webcomic about either superheroes, time travel, or pirates. Maybe all three.

About Jarom

Jarom is a computer science major from Texas in his junior year at BYU-Idaho. He served in the Taiwan Taichung mission and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Jarom can play the ukulele, ride a unicycle, and benchpress his nieces. He is currently working as a Computer Science tutor for BYU-Idaho in preparation for his future as a college professor.

The Courtship

Naomi and Jarom met in their Human-Computer Interaction class at BYU-Idaho when Jarom caught Naomi illustrating posters for Comic Book Workshop when she should have been paying attention to the professor. After class, he asked her what the illustration was for, and he subsequently got invited to Comic Book Workshop. After a lengthy campaign of being handsome, helpful, and hilarious, he won her over and they started officially dating in September 2017. They suffered through a long-distance relationship while he was at school in Idaho and she was interning in Washington from July to December, with their only consolation being their nightly video calls. Jarom proposed on Thanksgiving with the ring she had already picked out in October, and they were finally reunited during Christmas break.

The Photos

The Celebrations

Due to the distance between us and our loved ones, we will be celebrating our marriage with two open houses,
one in Washington, and one in Texas! We would love to see you at the location that is most convenient for you to travel to! If you are planning on coming to either reception, please fill out the RSVP form on the next tab.
We can't wait to see you!

The Guests

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